About Centurion Health

Centurion provides healthcare services to governmental agencies in a wide variety of patient care settings, including correctional facilities, state hospitals, courts, juvenile facilities, and community clinics.

Our Solutions

Centurion combines technology, innovation, and sound clinical services to provide efficient, yet clinically effective health services for incarcerated populations.

Centurion offers state psychiatric hospitals solutions for staffing, management, and modern clinical operating systems, including community re-entry services.

Centurion offers the services of a unique, discipline-specific recruiting team that uses state-of-the-art technology and relationship-building strategies to find a continuous pool of healthcare candidates.

Centurion offers state and local agencies solutions for behavioral health services in community settings including outpatient clinics, conditional release support programs, court clinics, work-release centers and after-school programs.

Centurion Forensic Health Services is a specialty division within Centurion that focuses on providing forensic mental health services to persons with serious mental illness who are involved in the judicial system. Our teams of forensic experts provide evaluation and treatment services for courts, forensic hospitals, and community clinics.

Real People. Real Results. Centurion is comprised of approximately 8,000+ clinical, managerial, and administrative professionals nationwide. 

Centurion is pleased to provide medical and mental health care services in jail, prisons, state hospitals, courts, and community-based settings across 16 states.

United States map indicating covered states. Information in link preceding image.