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About Us

The Next Generation of Correctional Healthcare. Today.

Centurion brings together the complementary resources of two market leaders, MHM Services Inc. and Centene Corporation, in correctional healthcare and managed care to provide a long overdue, real managed care solution never before available to correctional systems.

Founded in 1981, MHM is a national leading provider of healthcare services to correctional systems and serves over 300 correctional facilities in multiple states across the nation.  Centene is a top-tier Medicaid managed care provider with over 30 years of experience and manages care for over 11 million lives nationwide. Centurion’s innovations in healthcare operations and proven managed care principles will deliver new levels of clinical efficacy and cost efficiency for correctional systems.

Centurion Benefits:

  • Full staffing of healthcare positions
  • Innovative correctional healthcare management systems
  • Leverage existing state-funded managed care networks
  • Compliance with federal healthcare reform initiatives
  • State-of-the-art care coordination and utilization review