There are several broad elements to any large-scale correctional healthcare program:  services provided to inmateson-site at correctional facilities (e.g., primary care, specialty consults, dentistry, optometry, mental health, etc.) and services that require transport of inmates to off-site  community providers (e.g., hospitalization, outpatient surgery, emergency room trips, etc.).  In addition to the team of clinical and administrative personnel managing the day-to-day services on site at each correctional facility there is a need for a network of community service providers, including hospitals, clinics, and specialists from various medical specialty care areas (e.g., orthopedics, cardiology, Ob/Gyn, surgery, neurology, etc.).As Centurion expands its services into new territories, the company builds networks of hospitals and specialists through contractual service agreements. In terms of hospitals this can range from a smaller community acute care hospital for primarily routine care and ER access to large tertiary care and university medical centers for providing advanced surgery, high tech radiology and diagnostics, and even organ transplants.

Centurion understands and respects that community-based providers face unique challenges with correctional patients.  We are committed to providing support, convenience, and straightforward communication through a multifaceted program that includes timely payments, as well as chronic care and disease management programs for inmate patients. We treat providers like partners, not commodities.

Centurion is committed to continually enhancing our program and wants to hear from providers in the community.  Are you a facility providing these services now? Let’s talk about how partnering with Centurion could improve your experience. Are you a hospital interested in performing these types of services but  are unsure how to proceed? Talk to us about how correctional healthcare can be part of your business mix without creating unwanted visibility to your other patients or requiring any capital investment. Inmate healthcare can be a viable and profitable part of your mission.

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