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TeamCenturion Healthcare Jobs

As a member of TeamCenturion, you will enjoy a rewarding profession on a mission to improve the lives of the persons entrusted to your care while contributing to the health and safety of your community. Now more than 9,000+ strong, TeamCenturion works together as a united force for positive change, embracing society’s most significant challenges for a better tomorrow.

Explore Available Correctional Healthcare Positions

Over 95% of persons presently incarcerated will return to the community. The healthcare and rehabilitative services they receive while incarcerated have a direct impact on their triumphant return to the community. Whether you’ve been in healthcare for decades or are looking for a place to launch your correctional healthcare journey, you’ll find the right fit as a member of TeamCenturion.

Find where you belong by reviewing our frequently updated available positions nationwide.

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When you join TeamCenturion, be prepared to make lasting connections with like-minded professionals as you collaborate to meet the needs of individuals under your care and find solutions to broader societal challenges.

Not Your Average Career Path

At Centurion Health, we embrace one of society’s significant challenges—helping incarcerated persons make real and lasting improvements so that they return to the community better prepared to succeed. We also serve people involved in the justice system in other community settings. Together, we play a vital role in the health and safety of the communities we serve. The reward? The fulfillment that comes from knowing your time and talents makes a real difference beyond patient care.

Testimonials from TeamCenturion

Centurion Health Jobs Referral Program

Centurion Health is a growing company, so we constantly add new positions to our employee pool as we expand our services nationwide. Now more than 9,000+ strong, our most significant referral source is us!

We Are the Solution… Are You?

Centurion Health serves the health and rehabilitative needs of persons in the corrections system. The “system” has its challenges and shortcomings, but our valiant efforts to make fundamental changes will help break the cycle of recidivism and reduce incarceration rates. At Centurion Health, we are a vital driver of change towards healthier and safer outcomes for the individuals we care for and the communities they return to. Delivering patient care is rewarding in any setting.

Beyond Patient Care

Your New Beginning

When patient care has an impact beyond patient care, it reshapes the world. Pursue a more rewarding path and make a more significant difference with Centurion Health.

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